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We are offering an innovative new way to have the dog of your dreams. In-person, stand-alone traditional dog training is no longer the most effective form of training, not with our busy, hectic schedules, and in many areas heightened COVID restrictions.

This is why we have created a dog training and wellness community, bringing the skills for success right to your computer, tablet, or phone.

Every month you will get an email from Bree, highlighting 4 lessons, once for each week of the month.

Have questions as you go?  We have a private Facebook group just for you.

When you join our Online Academy, you have instant access to our Core Skills (the basics that all dogs should know), as well as lessons that cover Wellness, Practical Skills, Fun Skills, and our monthly Train The Trainer Live Coaching.

If this all sounds like a lot, not to worry.  Bree has created a success path for you so that your training is mapped out and planned.  We include downloadable homework sheets, as well as "training cards" to help prompt you on what to work on in your training sessions as you move forward. 

What is even better, with what we have to offer, you can train any breed, any age, anywhere.  Your success is our top priority.


With over 50+ lessons available for instant access, we believe in real-world training, which means, what we teach has real-life application, on multiple topic areas, not just your typical sit and stay routine. 

We also know with the plethora of information available online that it can be hard to know what is safe and effective when it comes to a positive holistic approach to our dogs overall mental and physical well-being.  Bree will share with you, her years of experience in this realm, so that you too can have dogs that live long, happy, stress-free lives.

In addition to the Core Skills, you will get a highlighted lesson each week within the categories of Wellness, Practical, Fun, PLUS meet with Bree via Zoom once a month for our Train The Trainer coaching. 

Curious about the specific skills that are taught?  Make sure to check out the Commonly Asked Questions, located below to learn more.

Have a question that just can't wait?  Not to worry, that is what our Exclusive Facebook Group is for.


These skills are what every good dog should know.  We break it down to teach you now to teach your dog.  This creates a dog that does not have to be micromanaged throughout the day, and by default makes good choices.


In our wellness lessons we talk about the whole dog, along with skills that many take for granted but others stuggle with.  We chat about diet, sleeping arrangements, naural remedies for pet control and so much more.  Most of the topics are paired with the use of doTERRA Essential Oils.


We are all about treaching practical life skills.  We believe that having a well behaved, well mannered dog, is the key to a happy household.  The practical skills that we teach will help you in creating a dog that makes good choices, taking your core skills to the next level.


Yep, you read that right!  We are all about the fun when it comes to working with our dogs.  To them, life is a game, so why wouldn't we treat our training the same way!  We love to teach problem-solving, confidence building, boundaries, tricks, and so much more.  


Every month, Bree goes live via Zoom to be available for you to ask questions, get personal feedback, and more.  This time was specifically designed to support you on your training journey.


Have a question that just can't wait?  We have a group just for you to ask it.  This group is just for those that are part of our Online Academy, no question is too small.  We are here for you.


We are firm believers in the power of doTERRA Essential Oils when it comes to the wellbeing of our pets.  For this reason we have included the Bonus Essential Oil Basics which includes 5 key lessons on how to use doTERRA Essentials Oils safely and effectively with your dogs.



With each lesson that you watch, Bree has created a downloadable Cheat Sheet to take notes and add to your new Training Journal.  PLUS with each new skill set, download and print the Training Cards, each has quick reminders to help you be success in your training sessions.

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Your Trainer - Bree Beery

With over 20 years of experience in the animal world, Bree has successfully competed, trained, and taught in many dog sports; including obedience, rally, agility, nose work, conformation, Russell racing, earthwork, and herding.  

She has taught group classes, in-person and online private lessons, and has a very successful stay and train program, training dogs from all over the country.

Knowing there had to be a better way to share her skills, allowing high-quality training to be affordable, regardless of where a person may live. Bree sought out and has taken extensive online courses to learn how to bring you the best online training experience possible.

She lives in the mountains of San Diego, with her husband Chris and their 2 sons.  She is owned by two Border Collies - Rumor & Reason, and two Russell Terriers - Reckon & Savvy.  They also have three cats, two roosters, and a dozen hens on their 2-acre hobby farm.

Bree's Mission 
To bring professional positive dog training into every home.  To keep training safe and affordable for all.  Be a primary source of education and inspiration for overall health and wellness for our dogs and the people who love them.  Make a difference, one dog and one drop at a time.




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