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With this SPECIAL PRICE, LIMITED TIME LAUNCH of our newly updated Essential Oils for Dogs Online Course you are getting over $1300 in value.

Whether you are brand new to using doTERRA or have been using your oils for some time now.  This course is designed to take your EO use, with your dogs, to the NEXT LEVEL.

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What Our Dogs 101 Course is ALL About!

With 8 Modules and over 30 lessons, I break down all the basics needed to understand how to take your EO education to the next level:

How to safely use our oils is key to success. I break it down teaching you acclimation and self selection, making it easier than ever to use your oils safely with your dogs.

One of the most common questions we see...what oils are safe to use with our dogs?  In our new course I break down 19 oils that are safe to use with your dogs.

Pending the need at hand determines how we use our oils with our dogs. I break down each of those methods, helping you decide the best course of action for your dog.

As a hot topic of conversation, I tackle the oils that should be avoided in general and for certain dogs I then teach you what oils to use instead.

Type in what you are looking for, and our new search feature will take you right to the point in the video that you need.  

As you progress through each lesson, you can print out a cheat sheet for each oil, put them in a binder and create your own reference guide.

Our course is ready to go where you are, download our mobile app, and using our search feature you will have a reference guide at your fingertips!

No course would be complete without bonuses!! My daily Dog Routine - How to Use Oils in Training - Teaching Materials to Share - Save Money Buying Oils -  Special Invite to my Academy -  Practical EO Recipes for Your Dog eBook.

Have a doTERRA Team?

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A Note from Bree...

“I am super excited that you made it here and are ready to check out our newly updated online course.  Our Essential Oils for Dogs 101 Online Course has seen many versions over the years and once again I am excited to have given it a complete overhaul, adding new oils and keeping the safety and usage material up to date.  There is a lot of data out there and so much of it is misinformation and hearsay.  I have spent a ton of time researching and putting together our Dogs 101 course just for you.  My course will save you time and money, now and in the future.  Thank you for taking that next step and going on this journey with me. ” - Bree

Yes! I am ready to do this!

"“I cannot say enough about Bree's course and I recommend it to all the dog lovers on my team. Using oils with pets comes with a unique set of precautions, and having someone to educate you and guide you through safe and effective oiling with pets is invaluable. Bree's course does that and more! This course will help you confidently teach in this popular field, completing it will raise your game!”"

Danielle Hardee
VP of Companion Pet Rescue

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