What is a Service Dog and Why Does It Matter? TT 71

Jan 21, 2020

Yes, I am going to get on my soapbox for this one, you were given fair warning!

Time and time again I see people with “service dogs”, but are they REALLY service dogs?

We see it when out to eat at restaurants, dogs sitting next to their owners, being fed off the table.  Dogs at the mall, pulling on the leash, being petted by all those that will pay attention, or even worse trying to attack an actual service dog that is on site working with their handler (yes I have witnessed this).

THESE ARE NOT SERVICE DOGS!  I see this and I get so mad.  A true service dog performs a task for their owners, they have a job to do and they take it very seriously.

People who put a vest on their dogs because they want to take them everywhere….shame on them.  People who do this are ruining the public perception of what an actual service dog is and does.

A true service dog does not sit on a seat at the table getting fed, they do not pull on the leash to say hi to...

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