Turmeric Should You Give It to Your Dogs? - Training Tuesday #14

Nov 21, 2018
With all the BOGO crazy, I almost forgot to do our Training Tuesday post!! 
So to answer the question....YES!  You should give it to your dogs.
Which leads us into talking about today's BOGO. Buy TURMERIC, get LAVENDER -F R E E- !! Can I get a wooo hooooo!
Cost for the two wholesale = $28.00
Cost for the two retail = $37.77
So basically if you have been on the fence about buying todays BOGO, let me give you some reasons why you should!
TURMERIC seems to have a million different properties...ok, maybe it does not have million, but what properties it does have packs a big punch!
- Natural tissue support
- Increase antioxidants
- Neuroprotective
- Cellular antioxidant enhancer
- Support healthy nervous system
- Support healthy cellular function
- Promote healthy immune function and response
- Improve mood
The list does not end there..... so how do I...
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