Travel With Dogs....It Can Be A Challenge! - Training Tip Tuesday #22

Feb 05, 2019

If you missed my fun pics from our weekend adventure, make sure to check out our fun on FB and IG.

This brings me to talk about travel with dogs....sounds simple enough, but if your like me, things don't tend to be simple.  LOL 

Make sure to read to the end, where I have a freebie for you to help with your doggy adventures.

If you have been following me long enough, you know that I am all about safety (see my blog post - Crate Safely) when it comes to our dogs, be it at home or on the road.

So back to our weekend adventure, we packed up the burb with four dogs (the 3 border collies, and Reckon the russell), two teenagers (the size of full grown men), the hubby and I.  PLUS all the necessary "things" to spend a weekend at a cabin, in the snow.  Oh and let's not forget my kids add in all their gear too!  YIKES!!

If you read my Crate Safely blog, you know that my dogs ride in crates.  This is where being a "master packer" comes into...

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