Supercharged Training Treats - Training Tip Tuesday #39

Jun 04, 2019

Super Charge Your Training Treats

Today I want to share a fun treat “hack” with you.  This is especially helpful for those dogs that could shed a few pounds.

I personally like to train with a high-end kibble, because I feed a raw diet, my dog actually think that kibble is pretty darn cool.

But what to do for those dogs that are not so convinced?

First let’s chat about the weight side of things, many worry about using treats in training due to either having a dog that is already overweight, or for fear that they will gain weight.  That is why I recommend to my clients to measure out your dog’s daily portion and take a quarter to a half of that and put it in a resealable bag.

Now this is where the hack comes in.  Take something stinky that your dog finds super high in value, such as roasted chicken, hot dog, cheese, liver, you get the idea.

Place these items in the bag with your kibble, reseal the bag and place it in the fridge overnight. ...

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