"Do I have to use treats?" - Training Tuesday #52

Sep 03, 2019


I often get the question…”Do I have to use treats?”

The simple answer is no….BUT I will share with you, that food is one of 3 top reinforcers in a dog’s life.  For that reason, I do choose to use it and teach others to do so as well.

The hesitation that many have is they feel that food can lead to other problems, which I will be the first to admit, done incorrectly (just like many other tools out there) and things can quickly get bugged up.

What do I mean by bugged up?  The reality is, if you bribe your dogs to do a skill, then chances are that you will have to continue to bribe them again and again to get the same results.

But what if I share with you how to use treats, but not as a bribe?

Let’s be honest, treats are an easy way to relay information to most dogs (yes, I know that there are exceptions to those rules), using food is gentle and effective, and that is why we use it. 

But that does not mean our...

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