Training For Success TT 72

Jan 28, 2020

Did you know that success is scheduled?  I don’t know about you, but to get my stuff done I make a list (oh yes…I am a box checker!).

Training our dogs should not be any different.  If we do not make the time, then training will fall between the cracks and the results are less than desirable…I can promise you that!

I know that it can be hard to fit it all in, but my advice to you is add it to your list. 

When I look at my week, I always factor in time to train and groom my dogs.  Some breeds need more maintenance than others, I just happen to have a terrier that needs to be hand stripped, if I don’t stay on top of that things go south pretty darn fast!

But back to training….the only way I get it done is to literally make time.  Now with that said it is not as hard as you may think and I highly recommend that you work training into your daily life.

Here are some suggestions for a normal day:

#1 wake up to go potty - have your...

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