Then there was TWO!

Feb 04, 2020

Well two terriers that is!

Oh boy....where to start....

Chris (the hubs) and I just got back from an amazing trip to Italy, it was a whirl wind...Milano, Lake Como, Venice, then on to Pollone where we picked up the newest addition to our family, Savvy (All Jacks Dixieland) a 4 month old Russell Terrier.

I jokingly called her our souvenir, but let me tell you, she was many many many months in the making and the ENTIRE reason for our trip. 

Shout out to Monica Fonzo at All Jacks Kennel for this amazing little girl, she has already stolen our hearts and I cannot wait to see how she dazzles the confirmation rings in the future.

But now, it is time for PUPPY TRAINING!! 

Savvy has hit the ground running and we had to quickly implement some ground rules...every house needs ground rules and guess what?  All our fun and games (aka training) are being caught on camera...stay tuned for more info on our Puppy Principes Online Course.

Here are a few "must haves" that every good...

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