Staying Healthy with Essential Oils

Mar 10, 2020

I am not buying into the mass hysteria that is out there, but I am a firm believer in being prepared AND staying healthy from any health threats that may come our way.  That is why we choose to use doTERRA for all critters and people in our home.

Any essential oil skeptics that needed some solid proof - shoot me a PM and I will send you some samples!! 

We have been using doTERRA On Guard products in every form in our home for years.

When I mean every form...this is what we use:

  • On Guard EO - great for diffusing and mixing with other oils.  I use this with my dogs before we travel for dog shows to kick up their systems as well as myown.

  • On Guard Softgels - feeling under the weather, time to start popping these puppies!  Can be used with dogs over 30lbs.

  • On Guard Touch - perfect to roll on the bottoms of our feet when we need an immune boost or feeling under the weather (I like to combine this with doTERRA Oregano).  Good to use topically for our dogs too.

  • On...
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