Rest for Success

Feb 11, 2020

Just like people, dogs and especially puppies need down time to recharge.

This may look different for every household, but it is super important to remember.  Things that we may not even notice, like the doorbell ringing, the washing machine clicking on and off, doors opening and closing, all these things can put your dog on alert.  This can be especially taxing for dogs that feel the need to protect us, dogs that are reactive, dogs that have fear issues...and the list goes on.

Or maybe you have a puppy or young dog that starts to play overly rough, or even get bitey with you or the other dogs.  THIS is the perfect time for a nap.  

Yes, just like small children, our dogs can benefit from nap time.  The older your dog gets, the more likely they are to disengage and help themselves to nap time (wouldn't that be nice for us adults too?).  Heck, Reckon is asleep at my feet now.

Our job is to provide a quiet, calm space for our dogs.  This can be...

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