No More Arguing! Training Tip Tuesday #43

Jul 02, 2019

Question of the day: How do you prevent arguing over resources?

First let’s define resources… these can be anything of value to your dog, which normally include their meals, treats, chews, toys, bed…. You get the idea.

Honestly this comes down to management, regardless of your dog having resource guarding issues, just like us, dogs need space and there is nothing wrong with that.

For this reason, I recommend giving each of your dogs specifically designated areas that they can call their own.

This can be in the form of a crate, maybe two rooms separated by a baby gate, maybe dog beds strategically placed around a large room.

If you dog is a bowl searcher, then I would definitely recommend a crate or gate to keep multiples apart.  No one likes a busy body in their face when trying to eat.  For dogs this can create stress, and even resource guarding issues that were never present previously.

It is just best to avoid setting our dogs up to fail.


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