4 Steps to Stop your Dog from Marking - Training Tip Tuesday #35

May 07, 2019

Hi there, Bree Beery with Pawsitive Principles Training & Wellness here and today is Training Tip Tuesday, and we are going to talk about those dogs that just can’t help but lift a leg.

I am not talking about the “good dogs” who lift their legs outside on the tree.   I am talking about those dogs that lift and mark items they should not, be it inside, outside, on the patio, or even out on a walk.

So what is the difference between marking and peeing….and does it matter?

I am here to tell you, yes it matters!

So, what is marking…marking is when your dog leaves a scent mark with urine, which is normally a very small amount.  This is more common in intact male dogs, but neutered males and spayed females can also mark their territory.

Peeing, well peeing is just that….we all know what that looks like.

So, what should you do? 

#1  First step is to schedule a vet exam to rule out a medical issue.   If your dog...

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