What does it mean to manage your dog? Training Tip Tuesday #41

Jun 18, 2019

What does it mean to manage your dog?

This is in reference to behavior.  When our dogs make poor choices be it bark at the neighbor kids or get in the trash, this all falls into behaviors we want to change.

So, when we talk about managing your dog, it is literally just that.  Time to take steps to control what is going on.

Keeping in mind, if we allow “x” behavior to continue, our dogs are not going to stop, they will continue to do what is reinforcing to them.  Basically, what makes them feel good.

Barking at the neighbor kids is generally great fun for your dog, barking blows off steam and makes our dog feel better, clearly there can be more to this, but this is the very simplified explanation.

Just like digging in the trash can be rewarding…. of course, it is they found food and paid themselves for a job well done.

In most cases, we can see a pattern when it comes to lack of management.  Most dogs that find trouble, do so because they are...

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