Heat Getting Your Pup Down? - Training Tuesday #3

Aug 21, 2018

Today's "hot" topic is going to be keeping your dog cool in this ridiculous heat.  Now, I know that it is not hot everywhere in the country right now, but for us wimpy So Cal kids, it is just muggy and hot!  

So I thought I would share 3 tips for keeping your pups cool and entertained. 

#1  My dogs love their raised pet cot, I actually have them in the house, but they could easily be used outside (and should if you pup is out during the day).  The raised bed allows the air to circulate around them, plus they hose off for easy cleaning.

#2 For those pups that are water lovers, this fun water sprinkler is as entertaining for them as it is for you!  What I have found, make sure you pick it up after you are done.  Mine thought it would be a great idea to try and drag it around the yard! 

#3  Does your dog like to eat ice?  Here is an optionthat will allow you to add some extra fun to...

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