Preparing for the Holidays - Training Tuesday #17

Dec 18, 2018

Yup!!!  It is that time of year....we dress up the dog in antlers to take pictures (or is that just me?), turn our homes upside down with crazy decorations, and then we have more family and friends over than most any other time of the year.

Ohhhh what our pets must think when we bring a tree (real or fake) into the house, and then we expect them to know not to pee on it (dog) or climb it (cat). 

Yes, this is a thing....if you have not had to deal with this, then you have the exception to the rule, my hat is off to you!

Right now I keep finding ornaments from one of my trees (yes I have multiple...I know I have a problem...I only have 5 in my super tiny house!) in the middle of the living room floor, BUT the ornament is from the tree in my office.  Can I blame the dogs or the cats...I honestly think they work together to drive me crazy.  

With that said, our goal during the holidays is to keep our animals as "normal" as possible...yes, even though I put...

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