Your Healthy Happy Dog Naturally - Training Tip Tuesday #21

Jan 29, 2019

Can I I am tired.  LOL . I spent days prepping and worrying about going live on my free online class last night.

Then to put icing on the cake, I had "technical difficulties" 15 minutes before going live.  I was just beside myself.  For those of you who were on with me, you saw I was a bit scattered, but I hope that this just proves I am a real person and things happen.

What I did learn from my crazy day was that things do happen, it is how we handle those things in which we cannot control, how we roll with the punches, and how we move forward that really matters.

Now, if you registered for my class and were not able to join us live, not to worry.  The recording link should be in your inbox (if not, shoot me a message).

If you missed registering, I created a special link just for YOU! 

To have access to the recording of last night's class Your Healthy Happy Dog Naturally, head on over to this page and an email will be sent with instant...

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