Halloween Safely - Training Tuesday #11

Oct 30, 2018

Tomorrow is the BIG day.... even BIGGER if you have littles in your home!!  Just imagine what your dog will think of all the crazy makeup, scary masks, and odd clothing. 

Before I get started, I have to mention (squirrel) that I have been working hard on a whole new online project just for YOU.  Make sure to click on the link at the bottom of the post so you can be "in the know" moving forward. 

Ok, the squirrel has run off, and now let's chat about Halloween!!  As responsible owners, it is our job to minimize the crazy and keep our pooches as calm and non-affected as possible.  This can be a hard task depending on your dog, where you live, if you have kids, your having a party, ect.

So what can you do TODAY to help with what is inevitably happening tomorrow?


That's right, now is the time to be proactive.  Start diffusing your pups favorite calming oil today...not tomorrow (well, you should do it tomorrow too).  My favorites...

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