What could you do with $50 in FREE oils? - Training Tuesday #12

Nov 06, 2018

This month doTERRA has once again provided us with an amazing offer!!  

If you do not have a wellness account, or you yourself are a Wellness Advocate, then you want to keep reading.

For those without an account, this is the PERFECT month for you to take advantage of this special offer.  If you sign up for a new wholesale account, spending at least 100pv (need help figuring out the "pv" thing...let me know), you will get $50 in FREE OILS!!!  The 50pv is good to spend as early as next month, just in time for holiday gifts!  Win-Win!!

Now, if you already have a wholesale account or are an active Wellness Advocate, this month is the perfect time to share doTERRA.  This is ideal for those friends who have sat on the fence and don't have their own accounts, this month they can score extra oils.  PLUS you also get 50pv FREE.  So now you both WIN!!

Bottom line is, I love my doTERRA business and my goal is to share oils with everyone that I meet (ok,...

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