Is Free Feeding Your Dog Ok?

Oct 07, 2020

Today is Training Tuesday and I want to chat about feeding our dogs. This week I am going to tackle the question I get about free feeding or feeding multiple times per day.

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Now onto the topic at hand!

Let’s be honest, free-feeding is WAY easier, you just put the food down when the bowl is empty and go about your day. It is the simplest option around.

Here is the hiccup with that……

1. For some dogs, controlling weight is an issue.
2. In a multi-dog home, you never know who is eating what or how much.
3. And the BIG ONE…. if your dog always has access to food, they really don’t need us.

Let’s dive into #3.

When we feed our dogs and expect them to eat all their food within a set time, it sets us up as the leader. Doing so can actually set our dogs up for success on many levels, including curbing some small and even large behavior problems.

If you consider a pack, the alpha...

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