My Top 3 Bad Weather Toys, PLUS Calming Oils Tip - Training Tuesday #13

Nov 13, 2018


Since the wind is howling outside and most everyone is hunkered down around here, I thought I would share some tips on keeping the pups entertained and calm.  I have used these same tips when it is super hot outside, pouring rain and more.  Granted, we don't live where is snows, but for So Cal, we can get below freezing (my back East friends are snickering right now....I know we have it easy) which means we should always have a plan of attack to keep our dogs entertained.  Or in other words have stuff to keep them busy so they don't drive us crazy!!  LOL

I am going to share a few of my favorite toys. I am going to start with one that most people may not want to actually use in the house.....well I like to break the rules when we are stuck inside, so here it goes.

#1 RETRACTABLE WAND - this is a great interactive toy that can help get the "ya-ya's" out of their least for those that like to chase things. ...

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