Dog Parks: Love Em or Hate Em? TT#59

Oct 22, 2019

Over the years I have had a mixed opinion on dog parks, I feel like I have a love / hate relationship with them.

First let's start with the "love"....

I have many clients who frequent dog parks with great success.  Many times they have a group of friends who meet up, allowing for some social time for the people and fun for the dogs.  They are very mindful of who is in the area with their dogs, and are very much in control of their dogs.

Funny enough, in our area, most of us have property, which lends many locals to not go to the dog park, but they may head down to one of the many dog beaches in San Diego for some extra fun.  Again, this is normally done with friends and can be a great social outing.

But the reality is, we have many clients that are not local be it they drive to work with us, or they are online.  So many use dog parks as an outlet for their dogs.

For this I love the dog park concept.

BUT for all the love, there is the "hate" side of things...

As a...

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