Does Your Stress Affect Your Dog? Training Tip Tuesday #46

Jul 23, 2019


Does your stress affect your dog?

The simple answer is yes, yes it does.

I work with many dogs that all of a sudden, the owners see an increase in bad behavior.

When diving deeper many times we can find the trigger when looking at the human side of things.  Be it, stress at work, stress at home, stress in a relationship, stress about company coming, stressed about the dogs bad behavior….the list goes on.

Heck, I have even seen an increase in arousal levels in Reckon (you know my cute little Russell terrier…who is down there).  I have been putting in long hours prepping for the launch of our new Community site. 

I have actually been lucky enough to record some his poor choices, so that I can breakdown how to work through it properly, teaching him how to actually behave and sharing that with all of our new members.

When we are stressed, it is super easy for us to get reactive, just like our...

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