Do Dogs Learn by Observation? Training Tip Tuesday #42

Jun 25, 2019

Today’s Training Tip Tuesday questions is: Do dogs learn by observation?

Yes, yes they do!!  This means that when you bring that new puppy home, he or she is watching every move that your older dog may make.

This can of course we a wonderful thing, lets elaborate on that… if your current dog is well socialized, loves people and other animals, then your new puppy or dog will see your older dogs interactions and be more accepting of the new situation.

Being dogs are pack animals, they usually follow the leader, when you have a new dog or puppy come into the home, generally they will default to the older wiser dog and follow suit.

This can be a big benefit when you have a shy or worried dog, as they can then follow a strong four-legged leader in the home as they acclimate.

Unfortunately, it can also be the ultimate disaster.  Let me share why….

Many times, we add a second dog to our homes to help support a problem with the first one.  The hiccup is,...

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