Ditch the Routine - Training Tuesday #51

Aug 27, 2019

Let's chat about your dogs routine….or in my world, the lack of one.

Isn’t it amazing how our dogs can tell time….they know when you are about to be home from work, they know it is time for breakfast or dinner, they know it is time to go on their daily walk?

Did you know that keeping a schedule can actually work against you?  Who wants that dog that annoys the heck out of you to get you to feed them?  Not me.

Who wants the dog that keeps barking and acting a fool when they think it is time to go on a walk?  Not me.

It is a myth that dogs need to be fed at the same time, go to bed or wake up at the same time, go for walks daily (I may get a few raised eyebrows on that one), that they need to practice the same training skills every day…and the list goes on.

I am here to tell you to ditch the routine!

If the idea of doing so makes you a bit nervous, I am giving you permission.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Feeding idea - ditch...

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