Ditch the Bowl - Training Tip Tuesday #31

Apr 09, 2019

Ever wonder why our dogs need us?

Well, I am here to share, we have thumbs and they do not.  I know it sounds so simple and somewhat silly, but the reality is, they NEED us to provide food for them.

Who else is going to pour food into their bowl every single day?

I am here to share a potentially new idea for you, ditch the bowl!  

Why?  You may ask.....ok I will get to that in a second.

Before I dive in let's talk about frequency of feeding.  There are many schools of thought when it comes to "how" we feed out dogs.

Some choose to free feed - which we do not recommend and I will have to breakdown why another day.

Some will fee 2x per day, others 1x per day,

Me...I look at food as the perfect opportunity to have a conversation with my dog.  I have something they want, and in turn they can give me something I want.

This is especially true for puppies or dogs in full training.  When you ditch the bowl, you increase your relationship with your dog and...

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