Digging Issues? - Training Tip Tuesday #19

Jan 15, 2019

Today I wanted to tackle a question I get often....what do you do about dogs who love to dig?

Here is the skinny, digging is an ingrained "thing" in dogs, they love to bury their bones and dig them up again.  They dig holes in the summer to lay in to keep cool, and do the same in the winter to stay warm.  They hear a critter scurrying along an underground tunnel and have to "help" by digging them out.  They dig when they are bored, they dig to escape the yard and really they just dig for fun.

Honestly, we can't win....or can we?  Keep reading.....

Here is the problem, dogs just don't see the problem as we do.  To them it isn't a problem, it is a perfectly normal behavior.  PLUS if you have a breed that was bred to dig like a terrier (which we have had for years) it magnifies the problem ten-fold!

The bottom line, it is useless to try and actually stop the behavior.  At this point some of you are saying to yourselves, "Your the dog trainer, why...

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