Destructive Chewing - Training Tip Tuesday #20

Jan 22, 2019

Yep, chewing is a thing....not always a thing that we want, but dogs are going to chew.


It is an essential part of health for your dog's teeth, jaws, and gums.  Puppies chew to relieve inflammation and irritation of teething.  Adult dogs chew to relieve anxiety, boredom, as well as just for fun.

Chewing is perfectly normal and is a necessary canine behavior....that is the good news.

The not so good news is how do you channel the chewing for good instead of evil....


Puppies and non housebroken adults , when not supervised need to be confined.  This can be with the use of a puppy pen or crate.   Always making sure to give them appropriate items to chew on while in their space.  

Some of the best toys are those that can be stuffed with food, this entertains them longer as they try and get the food out.  I have a few toys listed under Canine Enrichment, if you need ideas.

Even house broken...

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