Consistency is Key - Training Tip Tuesday #38

May 28, 2019

Today I want to chat with you about consistency in training. This has been at the forefront of my mind these past few weeks, not that it is not always present in my life, but sometimes we have situations that make things evidently clear to us at that moment in time. 

I have had 2 dogs in for training that have been a bit more challenging than the norm.  Nothing that I have not done before, but working with them and their behavioral issues, it brings to mind the huge importance of being consistent.

When our dogs know what to expect from our actions it is easier for them to make good choices.  Dogs love a black and white world, when we make it grey, that is when we see a higher failure rate.

If our actions are not consistent, for example my dog barks…sometimes I do nothing, other times I yell, yet other times I put my dog in the crate for a time out.  In this scenario my dog doesn’t know what to expect and therefor their behavior does not modify for...

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