Buying Your Puppy TT66

Dec 10, 2019

As a trainer I am blessed to be in the lives of many families who have trained with me again and again over many years as they add new pups to their families.

As part of that same relationship that we build, I often get asked about where to get a puppy.  When my families come to me, they are generally coming to me to add a new pet to their family, not looking for their next competition or show dog…though that does happen too.

Funny enough, my answer is always the same, regardless of WHAT you want your puppy for. 

Going to a reputable show breeder is the answer.  At the point that I mention a show breeder, many put up their guard and tell me that they “only want a pet”. 

That gives me the opportunity to educate.  The difference between a show puppy and a pet puppy, from the same litter can be miniscule.  It could be as an ear set that is just a little low, or maybe the ears are a little too big.  These things can make a difference...

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