Destructive Chewing - Training Tip Tuesday #20

Jan 22, 2019

Yep, chewing is a thing....not always a thing that we want, but dogs are going to chew.


It is an essential part of health for your dog's teeth, jaws, and gums.  Puppies chew to relieve inflammation and irritation of teething.  Adult dogs chew to relieve anxiety, boredom, as well as just for fun.

Chewing is perfectly normal and is a necessary canine behavior....that is the good news.

The not so good news is how do you channel the chewing for good instead of evil....


Puppies and non housebroken adults , when not supervised need to be confined.  This can be with the use of a puppy pen or crate.   Always making sure to give them appropriate items to chew on while in their space.  

Some of the best toys are those that can be stuffed with food, this entertains them longer as they try and get the food out.  I have a few toys listed under Canine Enrichment, if you need ideas.

Even house broken...

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Digging Issues? - Training Tip Tuesday #19

Jan 15, 2019

Today I wanted to tackle a question I get often....what do you do about dogs who love to dig?

Here is the skinny, digging is an ingrained "thing" in dogs, they love to bury their bones and dig them up again.  They dig holes in the summer to lay in to keep cool, and do the same in the winter to stay warm.  They hear a critter scurrying along an underground tunnel and have to "help" by digging them out.  They dig when they are bored, they dig to escape the yard and really they just dig for fun.

Honestly, we can't win....or can we?  Keep reading.....

Here is the problem, dogs just don't see the problem as we do.  To them it isn't a problem, it is a perfectly normal behavior.  PLUS if you have a breed that was bred to dig like a terrier (which we have had for years) it magnifies the problem ten-fold!

The bottom line, it is useless to try and actually stop the behavior.  At this point some of you are saying to yourselves, "Your the dog trainer, why...

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Kicking Stress to the Curb in the New Year - Training Tip Tuesday #18

Jan 08, 2019

Can you believe we are 8 days into January??  Crazy to think about how time flies really. 

We managed to survive the holidays...this was a rough one with the loss of my Grandmother Louise and my Mother-In-Law Stephanie in 2018, our table was empty and our hearts missing our loved ones.  Change happens and sometimes it just sucks.

On a happier note, we (Reckon and I) just got back from the BIG 4 day conformation show in Palm Springs (it is really Indio...but everyone calls it the Palm Springs show).  You may have seen my post about our Select 5 Pnt Major (Woop! Woop!), and how proud of my boy I am. 

What I didn't share was how nerve racking showing against a ring full of professional handlers is.  I share this, because we all do hard things, be it for fun (the reason I choose to show my dog), for work, or somewhere inbetween. 

It is what we do with those nerves and stress that defines our success.  When we do hard things, it makes us...

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Preparing for the Holidays - Training Tuesday #17

Dec 18, 2018

Yup!!!  It is that time of year....we dress up the dog in antlers to take pictures (or is that just me?), turn our homes upside down with crazy decorations, and then we have more family and friends over than most any other time of the year.

Ohhhh what our pets must think when we bring a tree (real or fake) into the house, and then we expect them to know not to pee on it (dog) or climb it (cat). 

Yes, this is a thing....if you have not had to deal with this, then you have the exception to the rule, my hat is off to you!

Right now I keep finding ornaments from one of my trees (yes I have multiple...I know I have a problem...I only have 5 in my super tiny house!) in the middle of the living room floor, BUT the ornament is from the tree in my office.  Can I blame the dogs or the cats...I honestly think they work together to drive me crazy.  

With that said, our goal during the holidays is to keep our animals as "normal" as possible...yes, even though I put...

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Top 3 Reasons Why I Use Frankincense- Training Tuesday #16

Dec 12, 2018

For this weeks Training Tuesday,  I wanted to chat about Frankincense and give you my top 3 reasons why I use it with my dogs and myself.

For those that don't know my dogs, I am owned by three Border Collies and one Russell Terrier (and soon to add another...eeek!).  Our house is NEVER dull, and we always have something going on, be it with the dogs our our teenage boys.

So, why do I use Frankincense EVERY SINGLE DAY?  Because my children drive me crazy....just kidding! LOL

It is amazing for so many things this is how we use it:


#1 Internal - that's right, I add Frankincense to my dogs food everyday, and for True, she gets it twice a day as she needs a bit more support (if you are just joining in, make sure to check out my blog post from last week where I share her story). 

I choose to use Frankincense daily from a preventative and overall health and wellness side.  Using it internally supports a healthy cellular, immune, nervous, and digestive...

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Scariest Night of my Dog Mom Life - Training Tuesday #15

Dec 04, 2018

You may have noticed that I did not post last weeks Training Tuesday.  Honestly I was so wrapped up in caring for True, my 13 year old border collie, that the day was gone before I realized it.  Hence no post.  So here we are a week out from one of the scariest dog nights of my life. 

It was around 2:30 am and I woke up to a big thunk noise, only to see light coming from the floor next to the bed (this was the emergency light from my phone, that came on when it fell from the night stand).  When I looked down, I saw True (did I mention she is my heart dog) in full rigor, foaming at the mouth, eyes rolled to the back of her head.  I instantly jumped out of bed and started barking orders to my poor husband who was now awaken from his slumber.

True was having the Big S word....we had no warning, no lead up, no nothing...and everything was happening in what seemed like slow motion.

Jumping into action, I kindly (reality, I am sure I barked it loud and not so...

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Turmeric Should You Give It to Your Dogs? - Training Tuesday #14

Nov 21, 2018
With all the BOGO crazy, I almost forgot to do our Training Tuesday post!! 
So to answer the question....YES!  You should give it to your dogs.
Which leads us into talking about today's BOGO. Buy TURMERIC, get LAVENDER -F R E E- !! Can I get a wooo hooooo!
Cost for the two wholesale = $28.00
Cost for the two retail = $37.77
So basically if you have been on the fence about buying todays BOGO, let me give you some reasons why you should!
TURMERIC seems to have a million different properties...ok, maybe it does not have million, but what properties it does have packs a big punch!
- Natural tissue support
- Increase antioxidants
- Neuroprotective
- Cellular antioxidant enhancer
- Support healthy nervous system
- Support healthy cellular function
- Promote healthy immune function and response
- Improve mood
The list does not end there..... so how do I...
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My Top 3 Bad Weather Toys, PLUS Calming Oils Tip - Training Tuesday #13

Nov 13, 2018


Since the wind is howling outside and most everyone is hunkered down around here, I thought I would share some tips on keeping the pups entertained and calm.  I have used these same tips when it is super hot outside, pouring rain and more.  Granted, we don't live where is snows, but for So Cal, we can get below freezing (my back East friends are snickering right now....I know we have it easy) which means we should always have a plan of attack to keep our dogs entertained.  Or in other words have stuff to keep them busy so they don't drive us crazy!!  LOL

I am going to share a few of my favorite toys. I am going to start with one that most people may not want to actually use in the house.....well I like to break the rules when we are stuck inside, so here it goes.

#1 RETRACTABLE WAND - this is a great interactive toy that can help get the "ya-ya's" out of their least for those that like to chase things. ...

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What could you do with $50 in FREE oils? - Training Tuesday #12

Nov 06, 2018

This month doTERRA has once again provided us with an amazing offer!!  

If you do not have a wellness account, or you yourself are a Wellness Advocate, then you want to keep reading.

For those without an account, this is the PERFECT month for you to take advantage of this special offer.  If you sign up for a new wholesale account, spending at least 100pv (need help figuring out the "pv" thing...let me know), you will get $50 in FREE OILS!!!  The 50pv is good to spend as early as next month, just in time for holiday gifts!  Win-Win!!

Now, if you already have a wholesale account or are an active Wellness Advocate, this month is the perfect time to share doTERRA.  This is ideal for those friends who have sat on the fence and don't have their own accounts, this month they can score extra oils.  PLUS you also get 50pv FREE.  So now you both WIN!!

Bottom line is, I love my doTERRA business and my goal is to share oils with everyone that I meet (ok,...

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Halloween Safely - Training Tuesday #11

Oct 30, 2018

Tomorrow is the BIG day.... even BIGGER if you have littles in your home!!  Just imagine what your dog will think of all the crazy makeup, scary masks, and odd clothing. 

Before I get started, I have to mention (squirrel) that I have been working hard on a whole new online project just for YOU.  Make sure to click on the link at the bottom of the post so you can be "in the know" moving forward. 

Ok, the squirrel has run off, and now let's chat about Halloween!!  As responsible owners, it is our job to minimize the crazy and keep our pooches as calm and non-affected as possible.  This can be a hard task depending on your dog, where you live, if you have kids, your having a party, ect.

So what can you do TODAY to help with what is inevitably happening tomorrow?


That's right, now is the time to be proactive.  Start diffusing your pups favorite calming oil today...not tomorrow (well, you should do it tomorrow too).  My favorites...

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