Spring Has Sprung - Training Tip Tuesday #30

Apr 02, 2019

Training Tuesday!!!  Today I talk about the changing of the seasons and what that does to our systems and what we can use to support it!

Links for more info:

TriEase Seasonal Blend Softgels

Breathe Touch

Deep Blue Rub

Deep Blue Blend



Make sure to check out my Getting Started page to answer some common questions before you take that next step.  

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Let's Talk Vetiver - Training Tip Tuesday #29

Mar 26, 2019
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Are You A Fair Leader? Training Tip Tuesday #28

Mar 19, 2019
Today is going to be a little different as I am with my good friend Brenda McGuinness at doTerra Leadership in downtown San Diego.
Even though Leadership is local, we are still going back and forth, which you know means juggling “real life” too! 
Yesterday we were blessed to hear the AMAZING Rachel Hollis, she inspired me to chat with you today about being a leader.
Now this could be looked at from a dog mom standpoint or what you do in business.
THIS is something I feel strongly about.
My goals have always been to show up as me, be real, and be authentic. That is how I choose to live my life. 
I am the same with my dogs, what I mean is this....I am consistent with them, they know what to expect from me and my expectations with their behavior.
My reaction to bad behavior is consistent.....which is normally a one way ticket to a 30 second to 1 minute...
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Rattlesnake Avoidance for Dogs - Training Tip Tuesday #27

Mar 12, 2019

Things I forgot to mention......

  • All snakes (adult and juvenile) are LIVE and SAFELY-MUZZLED.
  • Snakes used are species found in our area.
  • The trainers take the dogs through the 4 stations of training.
  • Owners watch from the staging area and are welcome to take pictures of their dog.
  • Physical safety and mental well being are TOP PRIORITY.
  • A remote training collar is used, starting at the lowest setting possible.
  • Snakes are safely and humanely muzzled and their well being is of the utmost importance.
  • Your dog can encounter a rattlesnake almost anywhere: yard, park, bushes, hiking, ranch ect.
  • 7 species / subspecies are found in South California, 9 throughout California.
  • Staff at Natural Solutions are experienced dog trainers, animal behaviorists and naturalists.

If you are not local to the San Diego area, make sure to check the Natural Solutions schedule to see if they will be in your area for training.

Interested in learning more about our clinics happening April 13th & 14 in...

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Learning Bite Inhibition - Training Tip Tuesday #26

Mar 05, 2019


Socialization - with a link to download a FREE socialization checklist.

Fear Is a 4 Letter Word - how to support your dog and avoid the pitfalls.

How to Talk Dog - reading basic body language.



Association of Pet Dog Trainers - a great place to find group classes in your area with a positive trainer. 



Brave - the Courage Blend from doTERRA.



Facebook - Pawsitive Principles with Bree




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Have a wonderful, fabulous week!!  Chat soon!

~ Bree

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How to Talk Dog - Training Tip Tuesday #25

Feb 26, 2019

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Click here to learn more about doTERRA's Steady blend.

I like to apply to the rear pads, at least 20 minutes prior to need.  Remember acclimation is key! 

If you are new to EO's and want to learn more, make sure to check out our Dogs 101 Online Essential Oils Course or reach out to me (especially if you are not working with anyone else)...I would love to be the one to share all the amazing benefits and perks of working with me direct.  

Don't forget to connect with me on FB and IG!!  

XOXO ~ Bree


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Socialize...Socialize....Socialize - Training Tip Tuesday #24

Feb 19, 2019

Did I mention socialize?? 

I think by now, you can see the importance of socializing your puppy.  

Click here to download your FREE Socialization Checklist. 

This is a good one to have now, or for future use, so save where you can find it later!

If you already have a doTERRA wholesale account and are looking to take your EO use to the next level, then I invite you to check out my Dogs 101 online course.  This 5 Module - 15 Lesson course was designed for those using doTERRA to take their education to the next level.

If you do not yet have a doTERRA wholesale account, keep reading!

I also mentioned that I would put in the info about today's doTERRA BOGO....remember this is only good today...February 19th, 2019.

Purchase Cheer (retail $21.67 / wholesale $16.25) get Motivate FREE ($20 value)

Add Cheer to your cart, and Motivate will automatically be added.

If you are new to doTERRA and want to get started, saving A LOT of money.  Today is a great day to...

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Fear is a 4 Letter Word - Training Tip Tuesday #23

Feb 12, 2019

Fear can be a hard thing to deal with when it is YOUR dog. 

Whether the issues are caused by poor genetics, lack of socializing or a traumatic experience, we still have to live with and manage the behavior.

Many times we see fear issues pop up as early as 8 weeks of age and the time to address it is THEN.  Many people think it will go away, this is not the case and we should never assume this, as it is taking a HUGE risk.

Shy and fearful dogs can be slowly rehabilitated, but they will never develop the confidence and the ability to be a Walmart greeter.  They will never be the dog you want them to be if you do not make the effort to introduce them to new people every day.

At 8 weeks of age puppies are generally taken from their litter mates, and placed into new homes, this can make them wary of unfamiliar people.  Between 5-8 months they become fearful of strangers, especially men and children.  

Fearfulness and aggression can worsen quickly.  Once...

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Travel With Dogs....It Can Be A Challenge! - Training Tip Tuesday #22

Feb 05, 2019

If you missed my fun pics from our weekend adventure, make sure to check out our fun on FB and IG.

This brings me to talk about travel with dogs....sounds simple enough, but if your like me, things don't tend to be simple.  LOL 

Make sure to read to the end, where I have a freebie for you to help with your doggy adventures.

If you have been following me long enough, you know that I am all about safety (see my blog post - Crate Safely) when it comes to our dogs, be it at home or on the road.

So back to our weekend adventure, we packed up the burb with four dogs (the 3 border collies, and Reckon the russell), two teenagers (the size of full grown men), the hubby and I.  PLUS all the necessary "things" to spend a weekend at a cabin, in the snow.  Oh and let's not forget my kids snowboard....so add in all their gear too!  YIKES!!

If you read my Crate Safely blog, you know that my dogs ride in crates.  This is where being a "master packer" comes into...

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Your Healthy Happy Dog Naturally - Training Tip Tuesday #21

Jan 29, 2019

Can I share....today I am tired.  LOL . I spent days prepping and worrying about going live on my free online class last night.

Then to put icing on the cake, I had "technical difficulties" 15 minutes before going live.  I was just beside myself.  For those of you who were on with me, you saw I was a bit scattered, but I hope that this just proves I am a real person and things happen.

What I did learn from my crazy day was that things do happen, it is how we handle those things in which we cannot control, how we roll with the punches, and how we move forward that really matters.

Now, if you registered for my class and were not able to join us live, not to worry.  The recording link should be in your inbox (if not, shoot me a message).

If you missed registering, I created a special link just for YOU! 

To have access to the recording of last night's class Your Healthy Happy Dog Naturally, head on over to this page and an email will be sent with instant...

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