Flea & Tick Prevention - Training Tip Tuesday #40

Jun 11, 2019

Let’s just jump right in, nobody wants their dogs to get fleas or ticks.  Some of us even have dogs that have severe flea allergies…I know I do.  Both Reckon and True literally fall apart if just one flea finds their way onto them. 

Today I want to share what I do to keep the pests away naturally.  Because let’s be honest, the last thing I want to do is put chemical pesticides in or on my dogs.

Pesticides have been known to cause problems with a plethora of things such as the nervous system, thyroid toxicity, thyroid cancer, liver toxicity, kidney damage, reduced fertility, and chemical burns.

Not to mention the physical issues of convulsions, loss of appetite, whining, barking, crying, motor skill impairment, loss of hair and itching.

All of these problems can be proven with a quick online search, if you don’t believe me.

Does this scare you?  It scares me!!

For that reason, I turn to natural alternatives.

I use a combo of sprays...

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Supercharged Training Treats - Training Tip Tuesday #39

Jun 04, 2019

Super Charge Your Training Treats

Today I want to share a fun treat “hack” with you.  This is especially helpful for those dogs that could shed a few pounds.

I personally like to train with a high-end kibble, because I feed a raw diet, my dog actually think that kibble is pretty darn cool.

But what to do for those dogs that are not so convinced?

First let’s chat about the weight side of things, many worry about using treats in training due to either having a dog that is already overweight, or for fear that they will gain weight.  That is why I recommend to my clients to measure out your dog’s daily portion and take a quarter to a half of that and put it in a resealable bag.

Now this is where the hack comes in.  Take something stinky that your dog finds super high in value, such as roasted chicken, hot dog, cheese, liver, you get the idea.

Place these items in the bag with your kibble, reseal the bag and place it in the fridge overnight. ...

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Consistency is Key - Training Tip Tuesday #38

May 28, 2019

Today I want to chat with you about consistency in training. This has been at the forefront of my mind these past few weeks, not that it is not always present in my life, but sometimes we have situations that make things evidently clear to us at that moment in time. 

I have had 2 dogs in for training that have been a bit more challenging than the norm.  Nothing that I have not done before, but working with them and their behavioral issues, it brings to mind the huge importance of being consistent.

When our dogs know what to expect from our actions it is easier for them to make good choices.  Dogs love a black and white world, when we make it grey, that is when we see a higher failure rate.

If our actions are not consistent, for example my dog barks…sometimes I do nothing, other times I yell, yet other times I put my dog in the crate for a time out.  In this scenario my dog doesn’t know what to expect and therefor their behavior does not modify for...

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The Importance of Trimming Nails - Training Tip Tuesday #37

May 21, 2019

Today we are going to chat about the importance of trimming your dog’s nails.  Having nails for a dog that participates in dog sports is key in their long short and long term success.

This also applies to old dogs, when their nails are long it can splay the feet, causing them to walk awkwardly, which puts un-natural stress on the body, which is the last thing that we want.

So how do you tell if their nails are too long?  Basically if you can hear them clicking on the tile, wood, or concrete, then it is time to trim.

When trimming the goal is to not hit the quick or make their nails bleed, but you do want the quick to recede.

Most people when cutting the nails try to cut directly across the nail, it is actually recommended by many veterinarians to actually cut the sides of the nails on an angle.  This is to help prevent hurting them and to get the quick to recede.

The great part of cutting the nails this way, and yes it does work, is that your dog will then wear...

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Founders Club - Membership Site - Training Tip Tuesday #36

May 14, 2019

You don't want to miss out on this OPPORTUNITY!!!!  Watch the video and visit our Founders Club Membership page for more info!

Don't wait...you only have 48 hours to take advantage of this spectacular offer!!

xoxo ~ Bree

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4 Steps to Stop your Dog from Marking - Training Tip Tuesday #35

May 07, 2019

Hi there, Bree Beery with Pawsitive Principles Training & Wellness here and today is Training Tip Tuesday, and we are going to talk about those dogs that just can’t help but lift a leg.

I am not talking about the “good dogs” who lift their legs outside on the tree.   I am talking about those dogs that lift and mark items they should not, be it inside, outside, on the patio, or even out on a walk.

So what is the difference between marking and peeing….and does it matter?

I am here to tell you, yes it matters!

So, what is marking…marking is when your dog leaves a scent mark with urine, which is normally a very small amount.  This is more common in intact male dogs, but neutered males and spayed females can also mark their territory.

Peeing, well peeing is just that….we all know what that looks like.

So, what should you do? 

#1  First step is to schedule a vet exam to rule out a medical issue.   If your dog...

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Reliable Recalls - Training Tip Tuesday #34

Apr 30, 2019

Well if you made it here, that tells me that you are looking for that extra edge to get that rock solid recall that people talk about.  I am here to share it can be a pretty simple process done as part of your daily routine.

 First there are some rules:

  1. Do NOT put your dog in a sit, walk away and then call them. This creates a slow recall, and in most cases kills your dog’s stay.
  2. Do NOT use the word “come” to start, this is what we call a poisoned cue…meaning it is used way to much and the dogs don’t know what it really means.
  3. DO reward with a high value treat, would you go to work if you didn’t get a paycheck?
  4. If you dog does not come, you have made it too hard, make it easier and try again.
  5. If your dog fails 2 times in a row, again, it is too hard.  Make it easier and try again.

Really the rules are pretty basic, as long as you follow them, you will progress.

So how do you get started?  We do it with a simple Name...

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How to Deal with Stress in Dogs - Training Tip Tuesday #33

Apr 23, 2019

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I am going to let you in on a little secrete, did you know that my Training Tuesday posts are generally brought up by something that recently happened, or that I witnessed, or helped a client with?

This week is going to be no different.  Yesterday I made a post about asking permission to pet people’s dogs, and added a cool flow chart by Emma Judson.  This was brought up at the dog show we just came home from up in LA.  Let me tell you, dogs shows are a great place to see a lot of behavior in one place.

Today I want to talk about how to gauge your personal dog on how stressed they are, now we can use the definition of stress as anything that...

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Small Dog Syndrome - Training Tip Tuesday #32

Apr 16, 2019

This past weekend was our 12th Annual Rattlesnake Avoidance Training, we trained over 200 dogs, over two days, with two trainers, a snake handler, and myself and one other gal doing check in.  Needless to say, it was a BIG weekend for everyone...the owners, the dogs, and those of use working.

My point to sharing this is when you get that many dogs over a short period of time you get to witness some exceptional behavior and some not so exceptional behavior.

Yep, you guessed it!  We are going to talk about the not so exceptional behavior, and this is specifically about little dogs.

Many little dogs somehow get a pass, when it comes to acting like little tyrants. Some call it "Small Dog Syndrome" (which really isn't a thing), but it does put a label on the dog as to what is going on with them.

Heck even I let Reckon get away with more than I would an 80lb Rottweiler.  We as a society are just programed that way, but that does not make it right.

Before I dive in, let's...

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Ditch the Bowl - Training Tip Tuesday #31

Apr 09, 2019

Ever wonder why our dogs need us?

Well, I am here to share, we have thumbs and they do not.  I know it sounds so simple and somewhat silly, but the reality is, they NEED us to provide food for them.

Who else is going to pour food into their bowl every single day?

I am here to share a potentially new idea for you, ditch the bowl!  

Why?  You may ask.....ok I will get to that in a second.

Before I dive in let's talk about frequency of feeding.  There are many schools of thought when it comes to "how" we feed out dogs.

Some choose to free feed - which we do not recommend and I will have to breakdown why another day.

Some will fee 2x per day, others 1x per day,

Me...I look at food as the perfect opportunity to have a conversation with my dog.  I have something they want, and in turn they can give me something I want.

This is especially true for puppies or dogs in full training.  When you ditch the bowl, you increase your relationship with your dog and...

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