Scariest Night of my Dog Mom Life - Training Tuesday #15

the big s Dec 04, 2018

You may have noticed that I did not post last weeks Training Tuesday.  Honestly I was so wrapped up in caring for True, my 13 year old border collie, that the day was gone before I realized it.  Hence no post.  So here we are a week out from one of the scariest dog nights of my life. 

It was around 2:30 am and I woke up to a big thunk noise, only to see light coming from the floor next to the bed (this was the emergency light from my phone, that came on when it fell from the night stand).  When I looked down, I saw True (did I mention she is my heart dog) in full rigor, foaming at the mouth, eyes rolled to the back of her head.  I instantly jumped out of bed and started barking orders to my poor husband who was now awaken from his slumber.

True was having the Big S word....we had no warning, no lead up, no nothing...and everything was happening in what seemed like slow motion.

Jumping into action, I kindly (reality, I am sure I barked it loud and not so nice) asked my hubby to go grab the Frankincense and Balance from my oil shelf.  I actually have a Frank Touch next to the bed for my personal use AM and PM, and started with that.  I rolled it into my hand and started to pet her down from top of head down to the base of her tail, while waiting for the other bottles.  I then followed that up with Rose Touch...honestly I didn't know if it would help, but I had it sitting there with the Frank Touch so I had nothing to lose.

When the hub arrived back (at bit disheveled I may add...poor guy woke with a start to his loving wife yelling at him...oops) with Frank and Balance, I repeated what I had already started, with the addition of adding a drop or two (or three...I really was not counting at this point) to her rear pads.  

After that application I held my hand very carefully (if you find yourself in this situation, keep your hand away from their mouth, this is a great way to get bit) in front of her face so that she was breathing in the aroma with each choppy breathe.

Time seemed to crawl throughout this ordeal, but I am sure in reality it was only a few minutes.  As her breath became steady, her eyes came back forward, and her tongue back into her mouth, I started to see my girl again.  

Needless to say the rest of the night into the morning was LONG.  She was soon up and wanting to go out to potty (which had actually happened in her bed too...I do believe she was a bit mortified about that later in the day as I was outside scrubbing her bed) she walked around like she was on a drinking spree.  My whole goal was to keep her from hurting herself more by running into things and keeping her feet from slipping out from under her on the wood floors.  She was very restless for many hours, but by morning (as in time to take everyone out to potty) she had mostly bounced back and was attempting to play ball with everyone, which gave this mama a heart attack.

This night made me reevaluate EVERYTHING in our home.  We are a "green house", no chemicals, no candles, no plug-ins, no nada...we are pretty much all natural!  As for food, I feed whole food, no kibble, cookies are all natural grain free.  Chews...again all natural made in the USA.   I could not come up with anything that could have been the potential culprit or trigger and the reality is, I may never know.

Moving forward with the goal of this NEVER happening again.  I have made some adjustments around here.  Most of you know that I use doTERRA Essential Oils (if you don't know that...surprise!) part of our daily routine is to add oils to our dogs food, based on this experience that looks a little different now.  Some might think that I would stop giving her her oils for fear that it could be the culprit.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN....I know that in my heart of hearts that these oils have supported us through thick and thin, and now is not the time to change our path.

True went from getting 3 drops Frankincense in her food in the morning to 6 drops morning and night.  I decided to hit this situation hard and fast, some may say that is too much oil, others may say that it is not enough.  My answer to that is, we all get to make the right choices for our families (two and four legged), I went with my gut on the increased drop count (yes, I did research too!) and so far it is paying off.

In addition to internal use, I am now diffusing 4 drops Frank, 3 drops Balance, and 2 drops Copaiba at night on my night stand.  She can choose to lay in the bed right there or in one of the ones on the other side of the room. 

Guess what?  She has chosens the one right under the diffuser every night since...animals are brilliant, and they know what their bodies need.  If only more people would take the time to do the same for themselves.  

I share this story, as one of you may find yourself in this situation one day and not know how to help and support your beloved pup through the very scary ordeal.

I know that I am also super excited and grateful that this is December with doTERRA, and that means Frankincense is FREE with every 200pv order this month.  Needless to say, I am stocking up..especially since I am going through it like it is going out of style. 

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As always, blessing to you and yours, see you next week!  ~ Bree











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