Copaiba vs CBD

copaiba vs cbd Aug 04, 2020

Today I want to tackle the question that I get often...what is the difference between Copaiba Essential Oil and CBD.  In this video, I share what I use and why!


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If you are new to my channel, WELCOME! My name is Bree Beery and I am the owner of Pawsitive Principles Training and Wellness. I have been a professional positive dog trainer for over 20 years, specializing in the overall behavior and wellness of dogs.

My "brick and mortar" training school offers basic manners, dog sports (agility, nose work, rally, obedience), behavior modification work, as well as our ever-popular stay and train program. In addition to our in-person training, I have an Online Academy where we take learning to the next level. Our online program is designed to make learning fun and easy, with a new lesson for each week of the year.

The wellness side of our business supports the overall health and balance of our animals, with education about doTERRA Essential Oils. Over five years ago, I created my first online course, the first of its kind, to help educate others on the proper ways to use doTERRA Essential Oils with their dogs. We are now on our 4th version, as I am a firm believer in keeping information up to date. In addition to our Dogs 101 online course, I also have a free Facebook group, Paws 4 Essential Oils, with over 17,000 members dedicated to the safe use of essential oils with animals. You can join us and download your own free animal essential oil cheat sheet on our website.




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